About Lindsay

I completed my undergraduate work at the University of Kansas and soon after began serving in full-time youth ministry positions. Building upon four years of experience throughout college, I continued to work full-time with middle and high school students in Colorado Springs and Kansas City for five additional years prior to moving to Dallas.

Inside the doors of the church, I had the privilege to walk alongside teens and families dealing with divorce, addiction and substance abuse, the death of parents, abortion, eating disorders, anxiety, co-dependency, sexual identity, depression, and an array of developmental struggles.

In 2010, I prayerfully decided to transition from youth ministry to professional counseling and attend Dallas Theological Seminary (DTS). In addition to schooling, I have continued working through the effects of my own broken family and resulting hurts and messes. I have experienced the freedom that can come from counseling and wish to invite others into this joy.

During my time at DTS, I worked with survivors of sexual trauma and their children, dissociative clients, a variety of mood disorders, children of divorce, addiction and recovery, and at-risk students. I have a strong desire to serve clients, like yourself, with respect and empathy, while encouraging you in your personal journey. I believe change happens in the context of relationship and am encouraged by God’s call to do life together.

Please know that I recognize the role faith plays in all our lives. I approach counseling from a Christian perspective and combine psychological principles with biblical truth. While my faith guides my practice, it will not be imposed upon the clients I see.

In my free time, I enjoy road trips, trying new coffee shops, and snowboarding. I also love clicking around on iTunes for new music and spending time with our dog, Stella, our cat, Sam, and my husband, John.