Contact:  lindsay@lindsaywilliamslpc.com //  913.669.9028  //  lindsaywilliamslpc.com

Counseling: Counseling provides a unique professional relationship in which to collaborate with an unbiased person regarding the specificities of your life. Within this relationship, a wide variety of issues may be addressed, goals determined, hurdles jumped, and freedoms regained. Some of my specialties include:

      • addiction
      • adolescents, teens, and young adults
      • anxiety
      • co-dependency
      • depression
      • emotional abuse
      • family of origin issues
      • grief
      • only child related issues
      • relationships
      • self-worth
      • therapist to other therapists
      • women’s issues and life transitions
      • young adult children of late-life parental divorce

Fees/Rates: $150 for 50-minute session. Additionally, I offer a limited number of reduced-fee services and am willing to discuss these options with clients as needed. As your appointment time is reserved exclusively for you, I require a 24-hour notice for cancellations to avoid being charged the full session fee.

Intake Forms:  To better know you and your unique situation, I prefer to engage in a short phone conversation prior to our first appointment. This helps to let you know me a little more and make sure I can best serve you. Once we have talked, I will email you the appropriate intake forms for you to fill out prior to our first session.

Insurance: Insurance companies pose many hurdles regarding confidentiality, fees, and confines to therapeutic interventions. For clients best benefit and treatment, I have elected to not take insurance. In this case, I am then considered an out-of-network provider.  I am happy to provide you with a receipt that you can directly submit to your insurance company. To determine if you are eligible for reimbursement, ask your insurance company the following:

  • Do I have mental health benefits?
  • What is my deductible and has it been met?
  • How many sessions per calendar year does my plan cover?
  • How much do you pay for an out-of-network provider?
  • What is the coverage amount per therapy session?

Reading Resources/Recommendations: 

  • Relationships
    • How Do I Get Through to You by Terrance Real
    • Irritating The Ones You Love by Jeff Auerbach
    • The Anatomy of Peace by The Arbinger Institute
    • Boundaries by John Townsend and Henry Cloud
  • Self-Worth
    • The Gift of Being Yourself by David Benner
    • Breaking the Idols of Your Heart by Dan Allender and Tremper Longman III
    • Gifts of Imperfection and Daring Greatly by Brene Brown

Young Adult Children of Late Life Parental Divorce:  “Who am I now that the two people who together made up my origin have gone their separate ways?” -Adult Child of Late-Life Parental Divorce.  I am passionate about working with 18-35-year-olds who have experienced the divorce of their parents during these young adult years. As the baby boomer divorce rate increases, many young adults are left in the in-between — as both an adult and a child called to navigate the unique challenges that come with late-life parental divorce. Please contact me for more information.