In addition to licensed counseling, I am excited to offer professional speaking and consulting services on a variety of mental and emotional health topics. Specifically, I offer groups and organizations practical equipping skills and insights into connecting with others, discovering personal strengths and underlying stuck points, and taking value-based actions. Clients can hope to gain an increased sense of self-efficacy and well-being, creative and intentional life skills, and effective relational tools.

If you, your company, organization, church, or other group is looking for approachable and applicable information on a therapeutic topic of importance in your world, I would love to talk to you today about how I might be a resource.


“Lindsay spoke at a marriage retreat I attended, and she did a skilled job of presenting a lot of detailed content in a way that was easy to understand and easy to apply to my life and my relationship. I am familiar with therapeutic concepts and had heard many of the ideas she presented, but she presented these ideas with practical, tangible examples that helped me move from understanding the theory to imagining how to apply those theories to real emotional challenges. She is a confident facilitator and was able to solicit feedback from a large group of adults while keeping the session on track, and she created a helpful worksheet where we wrote ideas for how we plan to move forward with this new knowledge and insight. I gained a lot from her brief session and would recommend her to anyone!”  – Jennifer A